Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Letter from Jessy & family

Dear Wiccaweys,

Sorry we haven't been in touch sooner, but we have been have too much fun!

Just to let you know that Jessy is settling in really well, she is just finally clearing her cough and is really coming to life. She is a little Angel and seems to be enjoying life here in Nottingham. We are enjoying walks in the woods and meeting lots of new people, Jessy keeps us busy with her squeaky toys and lies under my desk while I am working. She is eating well now, I have put her back onto CSJ I don't think she liked the food before as soon as CSJ arrived she was eating again.
We are off this weekend to meet lots of new friends at a FlyBall event and are really looking forward to it!
Thank you so much for the work you do in re-homing these special friends, it seems like Jessy has always been here, I don't know what I did when she wasn't here!!!
I hope you are all well and all the other dogs are doing well,
Dom Jones

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