Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Letter from Brynn & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Hope you're both doing well.  I always keep an eye on the website to see the new dogs you have there.  Hopefully one day I'll have a bigger house with room for another Wiccs dog ( or two) but until then, just another quick update on Brynn. 

He was neutered back in February and is all healed up. The operation went well and typically for him, he didn't calm down for a second, came bounding out of the vets and straight through my front door at 100 mph.  He turned 1 at the beginning of the month as well and he has grown into such a loving, adorable handsome ball of fluff.  And on another proud note..

He's now passed his Silver Good Citizen Award!!!!  He got extra big hugs on Tuesday night, when he passed.  He is starting to do some nose work now for companion dog working trials and seems to love doing all the different activities like retrieving.  He doesn't seem so bothered by heelwork but then I can't say it thrills me that much either.  We're two peas in a pod.

I can't thank you both enough for letting him into my life.  He is my little boy and I love him dearly.  Keep doing the amazing work you do, I know sometimes it must get soul destroying but for every down moment, try to remember the joy you're bringing into so many people's lives every single day because since having Brynn, I've not had time to be low or depressed - one look into that silly soppy face and you can't help but smile

Lots of love from me (Rosemary), Brynn and Aire

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