Monday, 5 April 2010

Letter from Tess & family

Dear Sarah and Paul
It has been nearly five weeks since we picked Tess up from you and we thought you would wish to know that she has settled in well. In order to ensure that we understand her better she has enrolled in a one to one ADPT training class where Kerry is learning a lot!

As you know T ess is very keen to chase things including Chickens/sheep/horses and cars however we hope the training will reduce this. Tess has made friends with most of the local dogs, including 6 labs and a dachshund. Tess and our resident Lab Poppy are getting on very well and have become good friends.
KB - just to say in addtition, Tess growing more confident in her home, she is a sweatheart, who gives and gets lots of collie cuddles, she's interesting to work with, challenging and great fun.

We have included some photos for your enjoyment
trust all is well at Wiccaweys
Kerry and Andy

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