Monday, 26 April 2010

Letter from Shep & family

Greetings from Shep!
Well it's 3 weeks now since we picked up the lovely Shep so it's about time we let you know how he's doing!  He is such a sweet and affectionate boy, one of the soppiest dogs i've ever met in fact.  He really enjoyed his first holiday with us, a week of camping and canoeing in Norfolk.  It took him a couple of days to get used to the canoe, and he leapt out of it a couple of times in his eagerness to get back to dry land, only to end up swimming alongside the boat!  He did settle down though and thoroughly enjoyed the routine of having his nice walks interspersed with periods of snoozing in the canoe, as you can see from the pictures!  He seemed to love sleeping in the tent, especially because it meant there were lots of opportunities for cuddles, something Shep is very good at as you know :o)  We think that the holiday really helped him to bond very quickly with us as we were with him 24 hours a day.  He also got on really well with his new 'cousin', Angus the working cocker spaniel.  Angus can be unfriendly with other males since he was attacked by another male, but Shep helped to show him that other males can actually be a lot of fun. 
He has been doing really well at his new job of being a Countryside Rangers' dog!  He's loved meeting all my colleagues as they have all thought he's adorable and want to fuss over him, and he's been really well-behaved with the other dogs there too.  He's really enjoying life it seems, and takes everything in his stride really well.  He is learning his routine and is very content to relax once he's had his walk, he's an expert at it.  There are a couple of little things which make him a slightly nutty which we're trying to sort out - he's not too sure about people on bikes, or joggers!  He wants to race up to them and bark at the bikes, and jump up at the people.  He's not unfriendly though, just barky.  Hopefully we'll be able to sort that out, and are planning on getting our bikes out to get him accustomed to them. 
He's loving his food, loving his walks, is still getting lots of dancing practice and is getting really into playing with lots of toys.  He sends loads of love and cuddles for you, and we're so pleased with how he's settling in.  Everybody comments on his amazing eyes and what a sweetheart he is.  Here are some pictures for you.
Fi, Jim and Sheppie x

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