Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Letter from Louis & family

Hi Sarah,

Louis is continuing to settle brilliantly.  He is now completely free in the garden/paddock, which he loves.  Still lead walked but we tie the three leads together when the other two go off-lead and he can run around quite freely.  We are beginning to cope with the car issue - if you are in contact with his Irish background can you ask if they know any reason for the complete hate of most cars?! Has he had no experience of them or been frightened by them?  If they know it might help us with our training. 

The three dogs are all getting on well - he and Beamish have the odd spat which is to sort out pecking order - give him a few more weeks and I think he will be in charge!!!!!! 

We've only got a couple photos yet - the one in the kitchen is about 1/2 hour after he arrived home.  The one in the car boot was at the end of a big walk on the Downs - hence all the tongues out!!!!!

Best wishes

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