Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Letter from Corrie & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

Thought you would like an update on Corrie.  Well, where do I start what a gorgeous dog he is. The journey home went well he settled in the back okay and slept.  We stopped at the services for the boys to get something to eat.  The entrance to the shop was down some steps which he didn't want to go down at first but interestingly there was an army soldier coming towards us so Neil thinks it may have been the uniform that spooked him.  Anyway he was fine. 
Sunday night he slept in a crate in the dining room and we didn't hear a peep out of him.  Five am in the morning Toby had sneaked downstairs with his duvet, let Corrie out of the crate and they were both curled up together on the duvet.
He has met lots of new doggy friends in the Avenue and has been really good with them.  He is walking well on the lead.  We have managed to borrow a longer length lead.  Corrie has loved the extra freedom in the fields.  He has played hide and seek with Toby in the long grass : - )
The older cats are watching him very closely and doing a lot of hissing at him.  Corrie wants to go and investigate them but kind of knows to keep his distance.  The two kittens are a bit quick, scurrying around and tempting him to play chase but we call him back and he generally stops  in his tracks and looks at us.
Monday, Corrie's first day with us, was my nana's funeral.  Corrie came with us and was brilliant.  Neil was going to wait with him outside the church but the vicar invited him in so he sat in the row of pews as if he's been there loads of times before. He just loves everyone and everyone thought he was very well behaved considering we only got him the day before.
We still have a lot to learn as new dog owners but so far so good.  We will send photos soon.

Love Chris, Neil, Toby & Alfie.

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