Monday, 16 July 2012

Letter from Tedi & Jasper (nee Chip-Chipolata Trouble Starter)

Hi Sarah, Paul and Julia

I hope you are both well, and enjoying the wet weather!!!!!

Just a quick update on the boys, they are enjoying life to the full, and Jasper is flourishing.  He is now officially a juvenile delinquent, but it is brilliant because he is acting as he should be, having the time of his life.  We are going on holiday, camping to Wales next month, so that will be a new experience for him.  Tedi loves it so hopefully Jasper will.

We went to a dog day the other week and if you go on and look at the pictures you will find, I think on pages 2 and 3, lots of pictures of me with Tedi and Jasper.  The photographer loved Jasper’s ears, and Tedi loved posing – just look at his face!!!!

I don’t know if you are having a fun day this year, I hope so, and if you are we will definitely be there!!!

Take care and love to all the puppies.

Marg, Chris, Tedi & Jasper

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