Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Letter from Mitzi & Mum

Hi, Paul and Sarah,

It is exactly 5 years since I adopted Mitzi from you and she has become the light of my life.  Being a typical 'full on' collie girl she was hard work at first,  getting her to focus on me rather than wanting to chase everything that moved took a little time.  Everything I trained her for alone then had to be repeated from square one when in the company of other dogs.   However, after 6 weeks in class she won the level 2 obedience progress test at our club.  Since then she has been in the top 3 of every one she has taken.  She also gained the Kennel Cub Gold Standard Good Citizens Award a while ago.

She has at last begun to get me properly trained for her agility runs!!  It has taken me time to adjust to doing it her way!  Mitzi is a dog who just wants to go and do it.  She works fantastically at a long distance, something which others now love to watch.  Last year she had two wins and lots of 'If only we hadn't had that pole down runs.  She has added to things this year with a win last Saturday putting her into the next grade and then she won again on Sunday.

These performances are not the main thing though.  She has become my loving, constant companion and takes it on herself to back up my instructions to my male dog ( something worth seeing).  She is the sixth dog I have owned, all have been rescues, but she really is super special.  Words cannot express how much I love her.

I consider finding her to be the best thing that has ever happened to me.  I was so lucky to find her.

Wishing you continued success with re-homing your special dogs,


Pat Kidd

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