Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Letter from Pip (nee Poppet) and family

Hi Sarah & Paul
I thought it was about time I gave you an update on Pip's (Poppet at Wiccaweys) progress.
It is now just over 3 years since we adopted her, and we can't imagine being without her now. She really enjoys agility, and has come 2nd in the Large Grade 2 category in the Agility Club, winning a lovely trophy which will be presented at the end of November! She has also qualified for the Pro-Plan final at the end of October. She won out of Grade 2 into Grade 3 earlier in the year. She is also the top rescue dog and top Wiccaweys dog in Grade 2 at the moment and we are 2nd in my age group in the Senior Agility League (these leagues finish at the end of the year)! I have really had fun doing agility with her.
Pip has given us a couple of frights when she has been spooked in the park (twice by the attention of a friendly but young and very boisterous Great Dane!) and has bolted. She heads for home, but this involves crossing quite a busy road! We now put her back on the lead at the slightest suggestion that she might run off!
Pip still has a thing about cars, although she no longer lunges at them, but tries to get into any car with the boot or a door open. She is always desperate to get back to the car after a walk, or even at a show after her run! As she was found as a stray, we wonder if she was 'dumped' from a car.
I wasn't too sure about taking her on originally - I wouldn't have chosen her from her picture - but I am so glad Paul suggested I consider her. When she jumped all over Peter, my husband, when we first met her, there was no longer any doubt in either of our minds! I am so grateful to you both for letting me give her a home.
Shirley Carton (and Pip)


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