Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Letter from Alfie (nee Glen) and family

Dear Paul & Sarah,

Alfie (previously Glen) has been with us for a year now & we thought that you might like to see how he has changed from skin & bones at 14.5kg on his first visit to the vet to our ‘Fat Boy’ at 24kg!  When he first came to live with us he had 5 or 6 small meals a day & went each week to the vet for a weigh in.  Now he just has breakfast & supper with step brother Max & only gets to visit (what he thinks of as the biscuit dispenser) every couple of months, just to check that all remains well.  When he first was able to be let off the lead we had to put a muzzle on him as he was a terrible scavenger and had frequent upset stomach issues as a result. Once he took on some weight he no longer needed the muzzle. He has stopped eating most of the disgusting items and will usually ‘Leave’ most things when asked to (Although only in exchange for a nicer treat!)

Alfie didn’t really want to go on walks for the first couple of weeks and walked behind us with his tail down. Now we have no chance of keeping up with him!  Fortunately, he always comes back when called… with only occasional brake failure which can result in a crash into either us or a tree!   All of his little cuts & scabs healed very quickly, he is now a confident chap who is absolutely sure that every dog he meets wants to play with him & he has a special squirrel bark, reserved for those pesky little things that run up trees instead of joining in a proper game of chase.

Everyone in the local woods knows Alfie and we are always being told how good he is looking now. We hope you agree.

Best wishes
Penny, Ian, Alfie & Max

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