Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Letter from Fred Pup and family

Dear Wiccaweys,

Just wanted to give you an update on how puppy Fred is doing since he moved in with us in Bristol 2 weeks ago - where does time go?

The journey home was fine - after about 5 minutes of whining, Fred settled down quite happily. We stopped to check on him several times, and despite one bout of car sickness, the journey went well.

Once we got him home he settled in really quickly. His first night was eventful and he kept us awake most of the night,  but since then he's slept through brilliantly (with the requisite 2 nightly 'go pee' stops being accepted with grace and dignity, and pretty much being carried out in the manner of sleep walking!). He's recognised his crate is his little haven and he retires in there most days for a short 'chill-out'. The garden has also proved popular - I think we have a digger on our hands with this one!

He's met a number of people these last 2 weeks - the postman, gas man, neighbours and friends. He's been brilliant with all of them and everyone is met with a big smile and a very waggy tail! We've taken him to the local Pets at Home store a couple of times now to get him used to different places, short car journeys and lots of people. He's proved a real hit and the number of small girls who come and ask if they can pet him is ridiculous - he's a real ladies man already!!

He's booked in for his next injection this weekend, so we're starting to get him used to the idea of having a lead attached to his collar in preparation for his first big outing! We're very excited about showing him the local neighbourhood in a week or so.

So all in all everything is going great guns. Sadly he he can't join the local puppy training group until mid November so we're really working at teaching him the basics at home - he's got 'sit' and 'wait' totally nailed - especially when there's a food bribe at the end of it! He;s also a very clever pup and has set up a twitter account - @plfbristol if you wanted to keep an update on his daily antics!

Hope all is well with the other pups and that they are all finding their forever homes too.

Sian, Ben and Fred

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