Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Letter from Darcy & family

Dear Paul and Sarah

We can't believe we've had Darcy for a year today - she is so much part of the family now we can't remember a time without her.  The grandchildren have been round today spoiling her with new toys for her year birthday with us and we all had cake including Darcy who just loved all the extra attention. Her tail is so much better now - we have been policing her to make sure that her very waggy tail is not hitting against anything. She can't understand why we are obsessed with her tail and keep holding it still when she is excited and now tends to roll on the floor instead for a tummy rub! We took her to the beach for the first time last week and her face was a picture. She loved the freedom of the sand, which she kept burying her face in, but wasn't sure about the sea even though it was like a millpond. We are sending a few pictures of her so you can see how she looks now. She has a beautiful glossy black shiny coat which you can't see from the pictures.

Best wishes

Phil and Jackie Mellish and Darcy

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