Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Letter from Minnie Kelpie and new family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just thought I would let you know that Minnie has had a fabulous first 24 hours with us. She travelled home in the crate like a dream, looking out at everything going on around her. She has settled into her new home well, likes her new bed which she goes to if she needs to feel safe. She and Storm have become firm friends and she looks to him for reassurance, if Storm thinks it’s ok to come to greet you then she will too. They relax together in the evenings which means I now have 2 dogs in the kitchen helping me with tea.
She has been on a couple of local walks now and rushes around on her long lead ,tail up and nose down taking in everything around her. She has been busy meeting new dogs and owners at the training school and will start there next week. Everyone there thinks she is fabulous and they are right of course.
Thank you taking the time and trouble to find the right dog for us, I’ll keep you posted on her progress.
Sara Holmes

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