Monday, 2 December 2013

Letter from Daisy pup & family

Short version - she is ACE and we love her, as does everyone we have introduced her to.

Slightly longer version - it took her a day or two to come out of her shell, unsurprisingly, and she's still a little clingy when she is unsure, but growing in confidence every day. She is good about sleeping downstairs (no complaints at all - she whinges if she can hear us upstairs in the mornings, but it's a mild grumble, no yelling) and thus far hasn't wrecked the place...still waiting for that! She is mostly house trained - there have been a few accidents, but they have chiefly been our fault. We don't get a lot of warning and there are two doors to get through, so it's a rush to get them unlocked in time. But she's got the idea, so now it's just perfecting the execution.

No problems to date with the bunnies - three of them are fairly bolshy, and have come up to her (with puppy on a lead), given her a good sniff and then lost interest completely. She wants to play with them and is confused that they don't want to play back, but she is also easly distracted by the promise of treats or a ball throw when they won't play with her. So I'll keep channelling the wish to play with them into an association with playing ball instead. She hasn't met the remaining three as yet as I am concerned that they would run away, which would be counter productive.
And...she's friends with one of the rats. Bizarre. Only through the cage bars, but she will sit and whuffle at the rat, and the rat will sit by her and brux (it's a horrible sound - like tooth grinding, but it indicates happiness)

We're keeping her on a long lead for now when she's out, as she's getting good at coming back but it won't be engrained for a while I'd guess. But I'm letting it trail behind her when we are playing ball, so she is getting to charge about. And we took her to a rowing event last Saturday. Rob kept her with him while I was racing. She had a lovely day being the centre of attention and fussed over by EVERYBODY. She was shattered when we got back - will have to do that again!

Anyway, we'll bring her to see you in a couple of weeks - I suspect she will have shot up. It feels like she's growing every day at the moment, though she's still pretty petite. On which - both Rob and I will be coming to the xmas walk, so we have a spare pair of hands. If you have a Wiccs resident spare, we're happy to walk another one as well as Daisy between us. Not least because Rob is already coming round to the idea that 8 paws is better than 4. Shouldn't take too much more work :D (but don't tell him I mentioned it lol)

See you soon! Sarah

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