Monday, 2 December 2013

Letter from Sam, Joe and family

Thanks very much for the wonderfully positive newsletter and congratulations on all the developments being undertaken at Wiccaweys, you deserve every success.
Sorry we can't come to your Christmas party but we are rather a long way away. Joe and Sam are wonderful, even when they get me up at 5am for their first 'walkies', but then that's the price for asking for 'oldies'. We would not be without them. They enjoy the walks on our farm where many other dogs are walked and Sam and Joe are always keen to join in any socialising. They get me out walking at least three times a day which is good. So we three 'oldies' are getting plenty of exercise.
When they first came home with us I resolved not to allow them on any chairs, and this has worked, except that they have taken over the settee, but they are happy and comfortable and need to relax after a hard day's walking, sleeping and eating. We would not be without them.
There's just one drawback. When out walking so many car drivers slow down to look at them, Joe especially as he is rather obvious, that they expect the attention now, stopping to take in the admiring noises and smiles from the contents of each car. We fenced off an area in the garden as a playpen where I throw the ball watched intently by the two 'lads'. Then I fetch the ball, throw it again, then fetch it etc. etc... and so on. They enjoy this game immensely.
We wish you every continuing success, you have given so much to the dogs and to us who have taken them on. I hope you continue to have the response and help you deserve. I will be putting a donation in the post soon.
Best wishes and continued success for Christmas and 2014.
From Jim and Margaret Vinson, Sam and Joe, the lads.

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