Sunday, 19 June 2011

Letter from Molly & Bruce & family

Hello Paul and Sarah.

This is to let you know already how well Molly and Bruce are settling in already. (Bit damp round the eyes there when we left, weren't we Paul?)  Don't worry, I told you they'd be happy. 

Bruce settled down to sleep quite quickly on the journey. Molly, though, although apparently quite calm on the surface, was very rigid, and what in the field of child protection, we call "frozen watchfulness". However, she relaxed into sleep at Leicester.

When we got home ,  they had a snuftie round the orchard. Had a wee, had a good drink and their tea. As for Pinkie, the cat, She rubbed up against them and they licked her and she walked with them round the garden.

Where have they landed?
In a cottage with lots of exciting crannies to explore. a wilderness garden and orchard exiting onto a back lane where there is a badger sett, then miles of fields and bridle paths to roam without having to to touch a road.

Already, there are Aunties galore coming to admire them.  Believe me they're going to be  o.k.

We think you are doing the most fantastic job down there and I'm going to make you one of my charities.

Best wishes and lots of love,
Peter and Margaret Adams.

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