Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Letter from Bella & Mum Lin

Hi Sarah & Paul

Well! We made it! Bella, Norman the camper & I got to Northumberland and Cumbria, shadowing the Hadrian's Wall walkers.

My friends walked 84 miles, little Anna their dog (loosely based on a chihuahua) did approximately 70 of those and joined us in the camper for the rest, while Bella & I travelled 799 miles in 16 days.

We had such an adventure - Bella dipped her toes in the North Sea, made lots of friends both doggy and human, saw lots of sheep and sampled sheep poo!

When it was possible to park Norman safely, we walked some parts of the wall and joined the walkers for the final blast into Bowness, in a gale and pouring rain. We were disappointed though when, having walked 2 miles to view Vindolanda Roman Fort, we found it to be dog-free and hence had to toil 2 miles back uphill in the teeth of a gale (which pinned back the girl's ears) to Norman, without a glimpse of all that history!

There were working dogs on some of the farms we camped at, but B has decided working for a living is not something she's particularly interested in - she feels she was destined for a life of luxury and being waited on!  We were both weary when we got home but she's so taken with camper life now that if the door is open, she takes up residence on her bunk, and we've already done another short trip locally plus there's another planned.

After some 25 years of campervanning and caravanning with my late husband, embarking on these trips in Norman has been a milestone for me. and Bella's company has made them joyful, entertaining and action-packed!  So many people stop to talk to her and therefore me, it's impossible to feel alone. She makes me laugh and has, quite honestly, transformed my life.

Love to you and the Wiccs dogs from Bella and Lin xx

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