Monday, 27 June 2011

Letter from Merlin & family

Hi Sarah / Paul

Firstly thank you for all your help and advice yesterday and for matching us with Merlin, he is fab, he has such a similar temperament to our old dog Whisky it is uncanny!!

Got home safely despite traffic jams on the M6 and panic that we would not get to petrol station before running out of fuel!!

Merlin was excellent at your vets, he dragged me inside (very different to Jessie who we have to pull through the door at our local vets) and did not have so much as a whimper when he had his injection and micro-chip.

He has settled in really well, has eaten all his meals, enjoyed his walks and slept soundly last night, although was wide awake at 6.30 this morning when Ethan decided it was time to get up!!

He has had lots of visitors today and has been a pleasure, everyone has fallen in love with him, he really is a softie!! We left him for a hour and half this afternoon and despite him looking out of the window as we drove away, we got home and he was fast asleep next to Jessie.

Thanks again for all your help, I will take some photos over the next few days and send them through.

Take Care

Jo, Scott, Ethan, Jessie, Merlin and Hollie xx

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