Sunday, 5 June 2011

Letter from Jess & family

Hi Paul and Sarah

Well is been a year since Jess selected us to be her mum and dad and we thought it was time for an update

She has really settled in well now and has really got over her issues with traffic and only the loudest motorbike start her urge to chase. She also like to get out for her walks around the village marching a head of slow old daddy and chasing after the rabbits (she can’t catch them mind, but she loves trying).

She still comes into work with me and enjoys her time in the office and getting fuss from all the folks there as well as the odd tit bit.

Feels like we have had her forever and she had really settled in well. We have had several trips up to Scotland where she gets on well with her pal Charlie the patterdale terrier as well as our nephews who she is so gentle with.

She certainly has come on leaps and bounds over the last year and is a truly special dog. She won the most improved dog at her doggy classes ad won a rosette (picture attached with her special costume for the doggy party she went as a Jester).

Kind Regards
Mark and Becky

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