Monday, 27 June 2011

Letter from Bella & Mum Lin

Dear Sarah & Paul

Just a quick note to thank you for our visit Thursday. 
I really enjoyed the chat and hope we didn't hold you up too much. 

Bella absolutely loves the raggy tugger - it's the fave toy at the moment and when she tires of tugging and chewing it, she wears it round her neck like a tie!! 

We've had a minor try with the weave poles and I think she shows great initiative in that she'll duck round the end to get to the treat to save any unecessary effort going through the poles. It's a bit like when I hide treats or toys under pots. She doesn't always bother with sniffing them out, she just knocks each pot over in turn till she finds the one with the treat under.  Such intelligence!

Having told you that she rarely barks, on our return to the posh site Thursday, she spent the rest of the day gobbing off at anything and anybody that moved!  Bless!

I intend speaking to our vets this week to arrange getting her "wibbley wobblies" removed although I shall feel like I'm abandoning her there when she goes in for it.  I guess an excuse for even more cuddles and treats!

Bless you both for letting me adopt her and for the amazing work you do for these gorgeous dogs.

With our love
Lin & Bellachoplets xx

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