Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Letter from Coonagh (now Swift) & family

Swift here.

It’s party time! Today marks one year since I came to live here with Mam and Dad.

This time last year they arrived at Wiccaweys Border Collie Rescue Centre in Northants to meet a rescue collie they had seen on the internet. He was absolutely beautiful but Mam and Dad did not think he was the right dog for them somehow, and anyway he wasn’t remotely interested in them either! They were very disappointed, but they were asked if they would like to see any other dogs while they were there and I was brought out to meet them - a big hairy Irish scruffbag with a limp and several teeth missing who had had both back legs broken in a road accident.

They took me home! At first I was bewildered and so scared. Where was I now? When I arrived at my new house it took Mam twenty minutes to coax me in through the front door.

But hey, that was a year ago! I am no longer Sad Swift. These days I am Super Smiling Swifty, the great big softie! Yay!

We would all like to thank the lovely people at the rescue centre and the vets in Limerick, and Sarah and Paul and all the helpers at Wiccaweys. If it wasn’t for them I would definitely not be here today (gulp!)

So to celebrate it’s champagne all round - in the proper glasses! Pop! Clink! Cheers! Love Swift xxx

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