Friday, 24 June 2011

Letter from Annie (now Amy) & Mum

Dear all,
Amy (previously known as Annie) has fitted in beautifully since she came to join our household at the end of February. She soon got to grips with the strange Yorkshire accent and made more new friends at dog school (Wakefield Dog Training Club). She is a bit of a super-star with her 'watch' etc. Some of the other dogs thought she was a bit of a show-off  - well they had been going ages and still couldn't handle the gate routine.
Thought you would like to know that the lovely Amy (aka Annie) passed her Bronze good citizen award and has graduated to the Silver class with the big dogs. She is taking it all in her stride and loves learning new things. When she is a bit older she wants to start the agility training - with her lovely long legs and agile frame she will be very good. I have attached a photo of Amy proudly displaying her rosette and certificate.

Many thanks to everyone at Wiccaweys for all your hard work and dedication.

Best wishes,
Mae Collins in Pontefract

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