Friday, 24 June 2011

Letter from Bob & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

just wanted to give you an update on Bob, he's settled really well and enjoying his new life, he loves hiding his bones in his sandpit and playing fetch with the ball something we thought would be a long time coming we feel really blessed to have him in our lives he is a great family pet now and is thoroughly spoilt!
I just wanted to ask anyone if they have any tips on lead pulling we are on our second round of dog training but it hasent helped so far so after our own research we are stopping each time he pulls and then giving a treat when he comes back it takes ages to get anywhere but we are slowly making improvements, the other thing is any advice on car sickness we have tried herbal tablets on an empty stomach but that did'nt work were going away in the summer and any advice would be great.
Hope all is well with you all hope to see you in September (if car sickness resolves!)
Jackie, Mark and Jamie Ramos

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  1. Hi Jackie & Mark. I used clicker training to help our Wiccaweys dog (Tigger) to walk on a loose lead. There is a really good book by Peggy Tillman called 'Clicking with your Dog'. It is an American book, but I got it via Amazon. She gives a few suggestions, but the one that worked best for Tigger was the Magnet Method: 1. Use a long lead like the ones available from Wiccaweys. 2. Thread it around your waist and clip onto your dog. 3. Put the dog on your left side and hold a clicker in your right(clickers can be bought from most good pet stores).4. Hold a treat in your left hand (with a bag of treats in your left pocket). 5. Walk forward and click, giving your dog the treat soon afterwards (the click is the reward as it can be given the instant the dog obeys). 6.Carry on, giving lots of clicks/treats. 7. Gradually give clicks/treats less often, as the dog will begin to walk by your side waiting for the next click, until it is only happening a couple of times in a walk. 8. In time clicks/treats are no longer needed. Good luck, Barry Bowen