Monday, 27 June 2011

Letter from Mr. Jenkins & Mum

Hello all,
I thought you'd like an update on Mr. Jenkins (who we've had nearly six years now! Wow!)
Last Thursday he expanded his Pets as Therapy role by giving a talk to 23 local Brownies...well, I gave the talk, he stole the limelight! He spent an hour and a half with kids draped all over him, arms around his neck, heads on his tummy, stroking his paws, stroking his tail and he wasn't bothered for a moment, just lay back and took it all in his stride. Actually, I'd say he was schmoozing, which extended right up to the parents coming to pick up their children.

There was one little girl who was frightened of dogs, and by the end I couldn't tell her apart from any of the others, she even dragged her father over to say hello. Needless to say I'm very proud. I was also pretty tired, although Mr. J wasn't, despite being 10 now. The first thing he did on getting home was to pick up his favourite toy and throw it in my direction. I think he was pretty proud of himself too though and to this end we've been promoted to regular speakers for the charity!
Hope all is well with you both, and that the summer brings lots of wonderful new homes for your current and future broods!
Best Wishes,
Harriet (and Mr. Jenkins) xxx

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