Saturday, 25 September 2010

Letter from Maggie Minstrel Pup & family

Hi Sarah and Paul, 

A big thank you for our little minstrel girl we called Maggie she has been an absolute joy. Maggie has adapted so well she has been clean in the house travels well loves company we have never had so many visiters with due thanks to yourselves and your fosterers for giving your puppies such a good start in life. 

Maggie can also get into mischief, she has fallen into the pond and can dig up her own carrots but is full of fun. She as started puppy classes and excelled on the first day, she had a lovely time at the seaside, I have sent you some pics. 

Thank you once again for the wonderful work you do with your dogs that you are so passionate about, and for bringing miss sunshine into our lives. 

Ann, Roger and all the family.

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