Monday, 20 September 2010

Letter from Jamie (now Dexter) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just wanted to let you know how Jamie now known as 'Dexter' is getting on.  He is doing brilliantly, he is a real character and has definitely found his feet and has become quite a busy little boy.  He is still great with our children who still love him to bits and give him lots of cuddles which he enjoys.  He loves going for walks and meeting new people and dogs and is really good in the car.  

He has started to mouth a bit and chew a few bits of furniture but we are working on this and this is to be expected from such a young pup so we have plenty of chewy toys such as his nylabones for him to chew.  We are hoping to enrol him into a puppy class very soon but he has already learnt the sit command and is very good at down and recall.  We have just started to teach him to fetch his toys and he is great at this.  He is so keen to please so i think he is going to be quite trainable.

He is an all round great pup who is so affectionate, we wouldn't be without him now and we thank you for allowing him to become a valued member of our family.

I have attached some photos for you to see how he is getting on.  As you will see, he has settled in very well, lol!!

Thanks again and speak soon

Donna & family x

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