Monday, 20 September 2010

Letter from Peggy (now Cassie) & family

Hi, Sarah and Paul,
Hope the show went well, would have loved to be there, but had already made other plans. The pictures I sent you recently were taken on holiday in July up in Warkworth in Northumbria.  We had a lovely week staying in a cottage by the side of the River Croquet just half a mile from the beach. Cassie is doing well we go to training classes every week and it has done such a lot of good in respect of confidence with other dogs. We are still hoping to move to Bridlington in the future but have not managed to sell the house as yet.  I cannot believe we have had Cassie for 14 months, will keep updating you and sending you pictures, thank you once again for letting us adopt Cassie she brings us so much joy and love.
Best Wishes Margaret, Jeff, Megan and Cassie xx

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