Sunday, 26 September 2010

Letter from from Teddy & Mickey Stone (now Ranulf) & family

Story so far - after 10 minutes Ted tried to climb the dog barrier in the car but Vicq explained ( very quickly and clearly) that this was unacceptable. Ted agreed and a quiet ride home followed.  Once home, a cup of tea and straight out onto one of the plains in the Forest.  Ted ignored the cars on the 50 yard walk down preferring to try to get alongside the others. On the way back, he was alongside and looked at each car that passed but that was all.
In playing he was desperate to join in and seems to be very keen to be a part of this group.  In the evening he was tired but managed a couple of pops at Ranulf - he also wanted to intercept all pats and cuddles going.  Eventually, Loup-garou told him to wait his turn and he appeared to accept this.  After being fed he stole a few bits and pieces of food and then everything went into slow-motion as he dived towards our evening meal - he didn't quite take it down but got some of it (so short rations for Mary !!!).  Between times nice cuddles and kisses and he fell asleep once against my chest and once over Marys legs.  In the night a couple of toilet events inside and some wandering but, on the whole, very good.
This morning more of the same and good with the cars- a good long walk some aggression towards Ranulf (who is a little disturbed by it) and once towards Loup-garou.   Loup spent his early life with a rottweiler and has never seen himself in a mirror so Ted only tried it the once.  Now all four are fast asleep with Ted making very loud Zs.
The commands, that he must have got from his puppy training, appear to be coming back and some things he is very good at.  Manners will be an issue and need some work as will his stealing 'cos he is like lightening - but then we need to make it clear that, come hell or high water, he will always get two good meals a day.  So not a bad start at all and best of all, he seems to really like us so quickly.
Lastly, I tried to register for the Forum but it told me there was no one of that name registered - told you we were not good with technology this e-mail is the top level and postcards are the next level of technology we do.
Look forward to the microchip form and best wishes to all - also many thanks to everybody for making such a fuss of Ranulf who had a brilliant day until Ted got into the car.

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