Friday, 1 October 2010

Letter from Jemima (now Jamima) & family

Dear Sarah, Paul, Julia and Eleanor,
Thank you all so very very much for making our house a home again   Jamima has settled in very well and has picked her spot in front of the fire (maybe she is expecting a cold snap).

It was touch and go for a short while, she was nearly returned after 5 minutes in the car, (just kidding) as we were on our way home she passed wind, and oh boy was it a prize winner,

we laughed it off with the windows wound down, but no sooner than the windows were closed she let rip again, and man alive we suffered, ha ha ha, how can such a smell come from such a butter wouldn't melt face.
Once we got home she found our last dogs bed and after a marathon sniffing session she settled down for a well earned kip.   Once she was awake and a little play session was over she tucked into her dinner, no problems but for one little accident on the carpet, i picked her up carried her outside and she finished off quite happy, a little later i heard her whimper and looked to see her going round in circles, i called her and walked to the back door, she followed me out and done her business on the grass, she was rewarded with a little treat, and off she went for another little kip. 

After the sad loss of our beloved Dancer, the house seemed empty and incomplete, now however after only a few hours we have found ourselves a soul mate again, and our house is a home once again. 

So a big big thank you to all of you, and for the wonderful work you do with the dog's. 
We all feel very privileged we passed your home visit, and were able to offer Jamima a home,
i know there will be ups and downs to come as she grows up, however i feel the end results will pay dividends and well worth the effort involved.
thank you all again so very much
Graham Natalie Kara and Skye

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