Sunday, 24 October 2010

*****Letter from Wilfred & Peggy!!!*****

Hello Sarah, Paul and all the doggies,

We thought you might like to read this story..........

On Saturday morning, a number of 'walkie' friends were visiting Peggy and Wilfred at their home. Peggy, as usual, had produced coffee and things to eat, both sweet and savoury. 

One of Wilfred's particular friends, June, was deep in conversation with someone else and was, quite unintentionally, ignoring Wilfred's pleading glances. She had, on her plate, a tasty, warm sausage roll but was looking at her friend as they were talking.
So.............Wilfred helped himself to the sausage roll!!!! 

Of course, the whole room exploded with laughter and Peggy just could not scold him.

But that wasn't the end of the story. A little while later when some people had already gone home and having enjoyed the first sausage tremendously, the ever-enterprising Wilfred found another unsupervised sausage roll and promptly ate that one too!

He really is a nut-case, and keeps us in stitches despite being a really old gentleman now.   However, he still enjoys his walks (and sausage rolls).

We are still so indebted to you all for finding him for Peggy.


Pics of our beloved Peggy & Wilfred.  This is one of our most rewarding and favourite homings of all time.  I burst into tears of joy everytime I hear from Peggy & Wilfred, even after all these years.   Sarah x

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