Monday, 11 October 2010

Letter from Charlie Minstrel Pup & family

To my first family, Sarah, Paul and Eleanor

It has been 7 weeks since I left your care, to start my new life with my new family and it has been a hectic time.  My family tried to think of a new name for me all the way home, but they thought "Charlie" suited me so I kept my name.

My journey home was uneventful, and I managed to travel the whole 11/2 hours without any accidents!  I have cried at night as I missed my brothers and sisters but now I am used to sleeping alone. Thanks to you, I came to my new home practically house trained (apart from a couple of wees when it's raining, I don't like the rain!)

I visited the vets for my jabs and chip, which really hurt, I did cry very loud! But I got lots of cuddles from my mummy, and when we left I had a new toy, a chewy tiger! The vet thought that I might be a border collie x with a spaniel, but owners of spaniels don't think so! We will see!!

On the second week I got stung by a wasp which gave me a funny smile and a swelling under my chin, mummy phone the vet and she said a 1/2 a piriton tablet would help, and I felt much better.

I love chewing shoes so they are now hidden away!

There are 2 cats in my new home but they don't like me! They live upstairs and won't play and I do so want to make friends!! One of them did come to meet me at last tonight, he didn't growl at me! So hopefully he will be my friend soon!

I meet lots of new doggy friends on my walks, and all have been friendly so far!  I met a giant a big friendly St Bernard dog, but I wasn't scared, as I am a brave boy.

Love Charlie (minstrel puppy)

Message from mum

Charlie has settled in well, and is a relatively easy puppy, he has fitted in well, but does wake early! He is proving very intelligent, he does his poos in the garden, and rarely goes in public, waiting until he gets home! 

He has learnt that if he finds a dead mouse in the garden, I give him a treat in exchange for the mouse! So lots of mice! 

I have been recommending Wiccaweys to all that ask where we got him, and I have used your link to "VetUK" so hopefully you will get your reward points, and will continue to as they are comparable to pets at home! 

Thank you so much for our special boy!
I am sending your puppy collar in the post. 


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