Friday, 1 October 2010

Letter from Rufus & family

A short update of Rufus' adventures so far - the pictures tell the story.
We did a camping weekend at a folk festival (although we did "camp" in a van rather than a tent!)  I liked the airbed better than my dogbed and they didn't seem to mind me sharing, I even managed to lay my head on a pillow for a while.  I quite enjoyed the camping and didn't mind the music and all the other people there, but it was a bit hot so I was glad when we went into town so that I could go for a dip in the river to cool down a bit.  

She's sorted the photos in the wrong order so now we go back a few weeks for my first big adventure - walking the South Downs Way.  It was planned for a week in May before the weather got too hot for long walks, so what did we get? A HEATWAVE!  So we only walked for the first 3 days then carried on by public transport to the accomodation already booked (I like this bed & breakfast lark).  I didn't mind the buses but would have preferred it if they had let me sit on a seat as there wasn't much room on the floor, the trains had much more room for me.  Maybe we will go back and finish the walk sometime.

Then they had 2 weekend events with family & friends "back home" in Notts./Derbys. so we filled in the week inbetween with a few days on a narrowboat on coffee-coloured water which I wasn't allowed to go in and then stayed bed & breakfast in a pub/hotel and did some walking up a big hill and back along a lovely clean river (which I was allowed to go in - stop me if you can!).  
 I don't think they've got anything else planned for me yet, but we will probably all go for a nice "bigger than normal" walk together along the beach this weekend as John's not at work - Hurrah!!!!

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