Sunday, 24 October 2010

Letter from Danny & family

Hello Sarah & Paul,
Hope you are both well, all's well back here in Nottingham.
Danny is doing brilliantly, he is adorable with everyone and all other dogs.
He is now registered with D B McPherson vetinary surgery and had his chip done the other day.
Me, Danny, Julie and Ozzie went on a three hour walk around Bestwood Park Friday, 22nd October - it's a beautiful walk through lush farm fields and woods, lot's of other dogs and people to meet and run around with.
Danny adores Ozzie and gave him a great big kiss when he arrived for his walk.
He's brilliant off his lead, obviously keeping to more quiet and safe areas where busy traffic etc does not confuse him.
Discovered that he likes a little bit of gravy with his CSJ food and is quite partial to the odd spot of milk or tea.
Brought him a kong which we fill with either chicken, cheese or a few treats which he thoroughly enjoys, which dog doesn't!
He walks brilliantly with all the family, we love him to pieces.  He loves playing chase, hide and seek and his favourite is laying over our shoes when we are trying to get them on our feet whilst also licking us to death at the same time or simply picking a shoe up and running off with it, he gets a real kick out of this and has us all in stitches.
Well I've done it again, rambled on far too much as usual ...
Before I go, please can we join the forum - it would be fantastic to keep up to date with others, both of you and everything happening at Wiccaweys.  We would love to come to events and help out, obviously work and time permitting.
I love what you do at Wiccaweys and we are very happy and proud to have Danny in our family.
All the very best to you both, lot's of love.
Lisa, Leigh, Joseph, Daisy and Danny Rockley
PS - will get some photo's on soon, promise xxxxx

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