Friday, 22 October 2010

Letter from Tilly (now Indie) and family

Hello Sarah and Paul.
Do you remember me? My name was Tilly and my new Mummy and Daddy came to get me from Wiccaweys on Saturday 10th April 2010, I was about 12 weeks old?
My Mummy is a bit upset because she has looked on the Wiccaweys site and there is nothing about me even though my Mummy did send you an email, there isn't even a photo on the rehomed dogs page. Mummy said its because you thought I looked like Ken Dodd because I had sticky up hair!
My name is now Indie. Mummy and Daddy changed my name because I have a sister here called Milly and so Milly and Tilly got a bit confusing! I also have a brother called Ollie. They are both rescue Collies although they came from different places.
I have grown a lot since you last saw me. Daddy still thinks I look funny but Mummy thinks I am beautiful. I have moved to Wellingborough now and once when I was out, I met someone who said they had seen me on the Wiccaweys site. I felt like I was famous.
I am very cheeky and very very cuddly. I like nothing better than sneaking up on the settee and cuddling up to who ever will have me. I can get a bit annoying though because I often snore quite loudly. I love playing with Ollie, he and I chase around together until Millie comes along and tells us to behave, she is a bit bossy but I love her too.
I don't know if you remember, but I was found on a duel carriageway in Ireland by a very kind lady. I was very scruffy and small and didn't have a lot of hair around my eyes. My paws were like paddles and sort of scooped upwards. I have now filled out lots, Mummy says I am very greedy. My paws are perfect and I love walking and running. The hair has grown back around my face. Daddy and Mummy think I have a lovely coat, its very shiny and thick now. I have funny fluffy ears which are an auburn colour and look especially pretty when the sun shines on them. I am still very very scared of traffic, especially big lorries. I also don't like having my photo taken by a flash camera, Daddy wonders if its because of the head lights from the cars when I was out on the road. I am very friendly and love people and other dogs.
Since April, I have been to lots of exciting and beautiful places with Millie, Ollie and my Mummy and Daddy. I have been to South Wales, North Wales, the Lake District and Scotland. I love the hills and mountains. Millie keeps bragging that she has done Scarfell Pike, Snowdon and Ben Nevis. Daddy says I will do them too when I am a little bit bigger (Mummy doesn't sound very happy about doing them all over again, I don't know why).
I missed the big event you had in September because Mummy had forgotten to send you our new address and so we missed it. Hopefully we will come to the next one.
Thankyou for helping me when I needed help and thankyou for letting me live with my new family, I am very very happy. I still remember you both because sometimes Mummy and Daddy go "puppy puppy puppy" just like you both did and I get very excited.
Mummy and Daddy say thankyou to you too for letting them have me.
Indie, Dean and Fiona


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