Sunday, 10 October 2010

Letter from Danny & family

Oh Danny Boy.....
Hello Paul and Sarah,
We all enjoyed our visit to you both yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed spending time getting to know Danny and all the other wonderful dogs and volunteers at Wiccaweys.
What can I say ... Danny is so amazing in every way, he has located the bin, the fridge! stuck his head inside the washing machine and had a good sniff, navigated his way around the house brilliantly including 'drum roll please ... the stairs both up and down'.
He has a warm cosy bed in the kitchen, another in the living room including a settee or two and has taken a particular liking to our bed.
Danny loves Joseph and Daisy's bedrooms, he's getting plenty of love and cuddles and giving them to everyone in return.
We have visited Leigh's parents today to introduce Danny to their dogs Toby (chocolate Labrador) aka Toby Jug and Syler (black and white jack russell) who I affectionately called drumstick or stumpy.
All dogs have got on brilliantly both around the field and in the garden and all have been taking turns to water the pots and plants in the garden. 
Danny has been running around in his own garden today exploring all the smells and feeling his way round perfectly.
Tail is wagging constantly and held high and proud.  He is wonderful and we love him sooooo much.
We have missed having another dog around the place and our family and home nows feels complete again by a wonderful wagging tail, wet nose and lick and a paw or two from 'Danny Boy'.
Thank you again for everything.
Will post photo's as soon as possible and keep in touch to let you know how Danny is getting on.
Much love and best wishes,
Lisa, Leigh, Joseph, Daisy and Danny Rockley xxxxxxx

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