Sunday, 26 September 2010

Letter from Sioux & family

Well here I am in my new home, it did seem like a long trip in the car, but I was a good girl & sat nicely & looked through the window at all the cars going passed.  I heard mummy & daddy say that they would go to Ringstead to buy me some more food, so I though goody goody & then didn't mind it was going to be a long trip.  Daddy sat with me whilst mummy went into the big shop & came out with a big bag of food & some sort of lead - what's that going to be for?  

We got back to a thing they called home, looked OK to me though.  It wasn't a tall thing, squat I would say - god know what they call it but hey ho here we go I thought.  Anyway, I go to the door & go in & yep it is lovely ........  I thought I had better have a good look around first, smelt in all the corners, looked at my bedroom & it was great, a rawhide bone & a soft toy.  Ok, I thought better checkout the play area, nice one - plenty of roam, looked around all the corners & noticed a small area that was good for digging.  For some strange reason mummy said no digging & told me not to go on the garden. OK  then, they are being nice to me so I shall give it a try.

Some of mummy & daddy's friends came up, I suppose to see what I was like.  Nice people, I let them stroke me & Carol gave me a big cuddle & said they would like to take me for a walk sometime. I shall think about that.  Later I heard mummy say she was going for a walk & hey she got my long lead off the peg, asked me to sit & she put the lead on me.   Great here we go ......  

We went down the road & up some steps to a field which had a gate I did try to get through underneath but then realised mummy wouldn't get through that space!  So had to do a bit of reversing & mummy opened the gate & off we went nice long walk,  OK I  pulled a far amount but I'm sure my mummy will teach me how not to pull.  So I shall be back at the farm soon for some lesson for me &  mummy.  She is OK though.  

When we got back home mummy gave me some dinner, yummy yummy I was hungry, they also eat so I suppose they must have been hungry as well, there food looked good & smelt nice but I 
didn't pester them I just sat quietly & watched them scoffing the food down.  Then my earpricked up after they had washed the things they had the food on & heard the word walk.  here we go ..... another walk.  

We went the same way but this time we met one of mummy's friend & she had a friend with her on a lead his name was Largo, nice guy.   So we trotted together down the path, Largo did say it was a nice area to walk & that he hope to see me again - no doubt I will if mummy & daddy take me for walks this way.  The evening was relaxing, plenty of cuddles & they watched a thing that was in the corner, a big black box but then a picture came on it & voices came out of this thing.  They seemed to enjoy whatever it was, I sat next to mummy as she kept stroking me.  Daddy said later, bedtime - I wondered what happens now, I went outside for a wee, Ok, no probs there.  I then went nicely into my bed with my toy.  They said goodnight, gave me a big kiss & cuddle & said be a good girl.  I settled down & I could hear a strange noice, tick tock.  Strange I thought what is that,  odd mummy & daddy they put a small clock under a corner of my bed.  quite nice really, so I counted sheep & I must have then fell asleep.  

Must have been about 7.00 this morning & daddy came into the kitchen said good morning & 
then I darted out to see my mummy & gave her a big kiss after big kiss.  Wonderful, think I will be a happy little girl here.  Oh yes also saw there son in Australia again on this box thing, mummy called it skype, he looks a nice lad & he said he like me & was pleased that they had now got a little friend to love & look after.  

Well that's all for now, mummy is going to a harvest festival.  

bye bye & see you soon with mummy.        
Thanks for looking after me when I was with you & say hi to my friends there, how is TED. 
Luv Souix xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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