Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Letter from Oscar (now Murphy) & family

Hi Sarah and Paul

How are you both?  Sorry for the delay in sending this form but we have had problems with our email.  If you have received odd emails from us then I apologise but this was beyond our control, some sort of spam problem.

Anyway, Murphy (Oscar) is doing fabulously.  He is a real character and he has fitted in really well and Tess is now his protector from all others! Tess and Murphy enjoy rabbit hunting together and his recall is brilliant whereas with Tess I usually resort to the whistle.  I'm not sure how much longer this will last though as he gets more confident.

He is still very much an overgrown puppy and is still mouthing but I'm sure as he gets more confident and secure this will stop.  He and Tess also have an alliance in that they both jump on us in bed when they want to get up.....not so welcome at 4am though!

His heel work is coming on, but it is hard when you have all four of them, but I manage to get them all to heel eventually, which apparently is quite a sight when we walk through the village.  On my part I can't wait till we get to the fields and they can run loose and then I can unknit the leads.....Murphy would make a wonderful weaver.

Any way I hope all is ok with you and that you are continuing to find homes.

Best wishes


P.S. I have attached a couple of photos

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