Friday, 12 August 2011

Letter from Bea & Mum

Hello Sarah and Paul,

Its been a long time since I wrote though I still keep up occassionally with
the website and the three of us continue to subscribe each month!

I now have a more suitable garden for Beautiful Bea, lawn, extended for her,
and a more normal garden with flower beds and grass paths. Bea absolutely
loves her new, not so new now, home. There are lovely walks to be done
mainly over fields and we go up the drive of Kentwell Hall every day and
then over the fields. She is a very happy girl.  She is still a bit of a 'Madam' and is now much more affectionate, much
loved by all.

The main reason for writing is to say we are in Cornwall again during
September in Port Isaac, a lovely house overlooking the sea.
Bea loves the seaside and its her holiday too, she loves digging in the
sand, even tries it in the garden!!!!!!!

So, do hope all the wonderful volunteers continue with the good work, in
these difficult times it gets harder, the other animal rescue place I
support are finding it difficult as all charities are.

So, hope your Funday goes well, I will be checking on line.

Love to you all and Bea send all her love too.

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