Thursday, 22 September 2011

Letter from Coco & Blondie

Hi Paul and Sarah
Just an update on our 2 adopted collies Blondie and Coco we have found that they did not respond the same to those names and Coco is now Millie which she was in Ireland, this happened during conversation and when we said she used to be called Millie she responded immediately and Blondie was similar, I kept saying that she was as good as gold which she is so now she is called Goldie to which she responds.
I firstly thought I had filled in all the escape holes only to find another so now the whole length of the lower part of the hedge has chicken wire the full 20 metres, so now nothing can escape.
We started as with our last dogs and left them in the kitchen all secured as we thought only to relent and buy 2 cages which more or less solved the problems overnight, about 2 more nights with Millie and she soon settled and of course Goldie was her usual self as good as gold.
We bought a boot cover because of problems there the first week, but we have been taking them in the car to various places and when we arrived went for a walk and this we have been doing for nearly 2 weeks and they have responded well.
They have really settled well so much so that we decided to let them off the lead a little early whilst down the old railway line walk the other side of Arthingworth and walked a good 2 miles off the lead without any problems, we have to watch them with other animals bicycles and cars at speed which scares them and they will get used to in time. We are careful where we let them off and keep them close to us giving them the treats. We find that they are both good with people but other dogs we are introducing them to slowly, on our walk this morning we met at least 8 dogs with their owners and they are starting to show signs of socialising. They spend most of their time in the back garden running up and down and lying in their favourite spot under our large Rhododendron.
We will be taking them off to Shropshire at the end of September for 2 weeks for walks in the hills a beautiful part of the country , which we are really looking forward to, and if we get some good photographs we will send them to you.
We would like to thank you for your belief in us and all your help and advice; we wish you every success in the future
Kind regards
Stan and Jean Delbridge

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