Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Letter from Chip 'Chipolata-Trouble-Starter' (now Jasper) & family

Hi Paul, Sarah and Julia

Jasper says a big hello to you all, and hopes you are all well.

Well it has been two and a half weeks since we have had Jasper, and every day brings something new.

Last night he had his first cup of tea from Chris, this is something he always used to do with Tessi and Chris has been trying Jasper but he has been scared of the mug.  Last night he actually tried it and loved it.  Chris wasn’t expecting him to drink so he offered him a full mug, wrong move on Chris’ part as Jasper drank the whole mug.  Later on he tried a bit of Chris’ fresh orange juice too.

I have a poorly knee at the moment which meant I couldn’t get back to sleep this morning when Chris went to work at 4.00 a.m.  Tedi took his usual place in bed, on his back, feet in air and I called Jasper (who has now claimed the bottom of the bed) and he wriggled up the bed like a worm, squashed between Tedi and me, put his head on Tedi’s belly and we all had a big cuddle.

Jasper is now loving cuddles and belly rubs, up until Monday you could only stroke him if he came to you, now we can go up to him and he loves the cuddles.  We have yet to have licks and kisses, or hear him bark but am looking forward to those things happening.

Jasper late last week decided he didn’t like the look of our sofas whilst we were at work, and promptly shredded them!!!  Chris came home to a winter wonderland in the living room, with sofa stuffing resembling snow!!!!  Luckily we are insured.  Tedi and Jasper now stay in the kitchen and hall when we are at work, firstly with Tessi’s fabric cushion (now with holes in and stuffing out but mendable) and now with hard plastic beds and vet bedding in them so it is nice and warm.  Plus tons of toys and chews.

Jasper is coming on outside as well.  On our walk last night he saw bikes, but these are no longer bicyle monsters but just things to be weary of.  All in all good progress all around.  I have lost a little bit of weight with all the extra walks and Tedi is firming up too.

I am taking lots of photos and when I get them developed will send you some.

Rest assured we are looking after him, and we adore him, as does Tedi.  We are off to the seaside this weekend with a very very very long lead so he can run on the beach.

Hope all the Wicceways dogs are doing well.

Take care

Margaret, Chris, Tedi and Jasper (always Chip to you all)


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