Monday, 6 May 2013

Letter from Jed and family

Hi Sarah and Paul,  
It has been nearly two years since we adopted Jed and we just thought we would drop you a line to let you know how he is.  He loves going on holiday up to Whitby and Mablethorpe and playing with his ball in the sea.  In the Summer he enjoys laying in our paddling pool to cool off and we have sent you a picture of him playing in the Autumn leaves in our local park.  Where we live is quite rural, so he gets to go on long walks over the fields and hills, running with us, chasing rabbits and squirrels and playing with his ball.  (He has got a big collection of footballs - which are his favourite toys).  I (Scarlett) have had a poem published at school.  It's called, 'Jed' and I thought you might like to read it below.
When I was little, I was loved and adored,
But as I grew older, I soon got ignored.
Unloved and uncared for, no food and no bed,
No walkies, no water, just beaten instead.
Thrown out with the rubbish, kicked and abused,
Screamed at and lonely, blue and confused.
Picked up by the warden, took to the pound,
Not long left for living, seven days....counting down!
Then on the fifth day, who's this at the door?
The Wiccaweys Rescue, I stare in awe!
They nurse me and love me, and build up my trust,
Ready for rehoming, with a family to fuss.
I now have a bed, I'm loved and adored,
I'm cuddled and cherished, and NEVER ignored!
I've toys a plenty, I love to chase balls,
Ready for walkies, whenever you call!
I'm part of a family, my new name is Jed,
Three children adore me, I'm happy and fed.
My forever home is now here with you,
I really believe that wishes come true!
I had to make some parts of the poem up  but I thought it turned out quite well, so did my teacher.
There is a picture of Jed opening a Christmas present (he loves Christmas especially his Turkey dinner).   When we have ice-cream as a treat Jed has his own vanilla cornet which makes people laugh when we are on holiday.  He is very much a part of our family and comes everywhere with us.  He knows all his commands, 'sit', 'stay',' wait' 'come', 'paw' and ,'roll-over'.  Traffic still stresses him out at times (as do high-pitched sounds especially tv remotes, the  microwave and the hoover).  He gets lots of fuss and love and our Grandad spoils him rotten!  (It's a good job he goes on so many walks or he would be huge).  He is always ready to greet us when we get home from school and we're sure he can tell the time!!!
Hope you are both keeping well, we often look at your website.
Lots of love  XXXXXXX
Scarlett (11), Oliver (14) and Alice (8)
The Heatons


  1. wow that brought a tear to my eye

  2. wonderful :)

  3. That is a beautiful poem & so true for many xx