Monday, 6 May 2013

Letter from Tigger and family

Hallo to Wiccaweys. This is Tigger woofing. I have been with my people now for exactly two years and I am sending you a photograph of me in my kitchen with one of my smaller chews! I still share the house with my ‘sister’ Katie, the Collie/Jack Russell Cross. She is still very bossy and quite a bit cleverer than me, but I make it up with my clumsy loving nature, my big smile, and my handsome eyes. People in the village stop to talk to me and they often say to my Mum and Dad “What is he?”. They say I am a Bearded Collie and I am (almost). Katie and I love to play tug a war with a big piece of rope. We growl a lot at each other, but we are great pals really. Katie is a bit pushy and she tries to get everywhere first, but I usually wait at doors for everyone to go through before me. I have never learned how to open a door that is ajar, so I’m often found waiting behind open doors waiting to come in. People say I have a “lovely nature”, whatever that is. When my Mum and Dad are away (like on holiday abroad or something) I go to stay with my fosterer Helen. This is brill, because she has acres of garden and there are other dogs to chase and be chased by. Usually though I like my routines, such as cuddles in the morning, meals at the right times, lying next to Mum or Dad’s computer, ball in the garden after dinner, and walks around the village. I also like it when they take us to the beach and I can run lots. Katie barks at the ducks (we have lots of ducks in our village) and other dogs in gardens half a mile away. I sometimes join in with my special “woof,woof” in my very deep voice. (I never go “woof”, always “woof, woof”. I don’t know why).  The neighbours don’t seem to mind as they always talk to me when they pass by the garden gate. I can still get a bit excitable when I meet other dogs when I’m out walking. I did have some “special training” so I don’t do it much, but when I see active dogs like black Labradors or terriers it brings out the “jump and lunge” in me. However, when I meet quieter dogs I’m “very well behaved” and I get a treat. Anyway, I’m now three and a half and a very happy dog. Thank you Wiccaweys for finding me a home where they love me. Woofs and licks, Tigger (Tiggy, Tigs Tigglewoof)

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