Monday, 22 July 2013

Letter from Elsie & family

Hi Paul and Sarah,

We adopted Elsie, previously known as Venus, two years ago. She is exactly what you said she would be...a bossy girlie. She bosses my other 3 dogs around and she has got them wrapped round her little finger!   Elsie is a clever collie, she is good at obedience, agility and has competed at flyball too.

She is a lovely dog and we wouldn't be without her. Thanks to you guys, you do an amazing job and I wondered what would have happened to her if you hadn't of rescued her from Ireland.

When we came to see Elsie she had a brother with her called Apollo, I would love to know how he is doing, I often think about him.

Many Thanks again.  
Daisy, Adam and Elsie x x


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