Monday, 22 July 2013

Letter from Kerry & family

Hi Sarah and Paul and all the beautiful animals at Wiccaweys!

I wanted to send you a letter to let you know how our gorgeous boy Kerry is 
getting on. It's been a few years now since we adopted him from you on the 
03/04/2010 and we are so unbelievably happy. We can't thank you enough for 
giving us such a fabulous gift. 

Kerry means the world to us! I apologise for not sending anything to you sooner, 
I am constantly looking on the website at all the girls and boys you're helping, 
and keep telling myself to let you know how Kerry is and what he is up to.
There's so much to tell you about him, I don't know where to start. He loves to 
be with you, wherever you go I can assure you Kerry will not be far behind, he 
will follow you everywhere (even if that means trying to join you on a trip to 
the bathroom). Of an evening, when every one is tucked up in their beds you will 
find Kerry situated perfectly on the landing, with a view of everyone's doors, 
so that he can keep watch over us. 

Kerry is so smart, if you ask him where one of us are, he will run straight over 
to said person and sit down in front of them, it even works if you ask him where 
the cats are! We sometimes think that he forgets he is a dog as, on our long 
walks around the farmers fields everyday, if he sees a squirrel he will run at 
full speed towards it and even end up in the tree himself! He also loves to try 
and play with the rabbits, but he's not quick enough to catch them, silly boy! 
When we get back from our walks he likes to relax on his bed, which funnily 
enough is an old single duvet which he seems to love! Although sometimes he does 
have to share it with the cats, but he doesn't seem to mind, and if does that's 
when he tries to join us on the sofa. 

In the short time that we've had him there's been a few trips to the vets. Which 
Kerry is not very fond of! He's not keen on having his temperature taken at all. 
Don't worry none of the vet trips have been serious, mainly health checks and 
vaccinations except for one trip to the vet which we were worried about, 
unfortunately a lump had formed in his gum on one of his teeth, but not to worry 
the tooth and lump were removed and the lump was found to be benign (phew!)  

Kerry likes to play with everyone he meets, and he has even made friends with a 
few springer spaniels. When they see each other the tails start wagging like 
We feel so blessed to have Kerry in our lives and we thank you so much for 
rescuing him! Our family would not be complete without him!

I will be sure to update you again soon but for now Kerry is looking for someone 
to take him out for a run around the park :) 

Thank you so much again! Please find photos of our beautiful boy attached!

Martin, David and Hannah James 

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