Friday, 7 February 2014

Letter from Guiness and Mum

I adopted Guinness from you in July 2005.  What a wonderful dog he has been.

He was supposed to be my next great agility hope, but he couldn't quite ever see the point, it just delayed him getting to his beloved ball!

We think he'll be about 14 this year and he's had his health issues and is now on tablets for under active thyroid.  We nearly lost him two weeks before Christmas.  He has had an ongoing issue with infection in his mouth for the last four years.  Several thousand pounds have been spent on MRIs, biopsies, cultures, various antibiotic regimes but nothing has helped (thank heavens for insurance!)  Some of his gum and cheek lining has eroded and before Christmas it started to haemorrhage.  However, my wonderful vets patched him up (literally) and this is him last Saturday enjoying Weston Super Mare Beach with his friend Rio (collie x JRT).

Thank you for entrusting him to me, he has been the perfect companion and hopefully will continue to be for a long time to come.

Many thanks.

Debbie Walker

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