Saturday, 8 February 2014

Letter from Samuel L Jackson and family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Well, it’s been a month since we adopted Samuel (also known as Sam, Samsam, Sammy and Dingo Badger) from you, and apart from the two small misunderstandings we had with him in the first week, we wanted to say thank you for trusting us with him.   He’s a beautiful, loving and loyal dog, and it’s honestly like he has always been here.   He has properly got his paws under the table!

I’ll let Sam tell you about it in his own way:

“Hi all!

It’s great here in Derbyshire! I love it, and though I miss you all, I’m very happy here, and want to stay more than ever.  Every morning we all have a bed cuddle while mum and dad drink a cup of tea, and then it’s out onto the hills for a big run round and lots of chasey games, but sometimes we go to the woods and then we all chase each other, and then the squirrels (I’m not really sure that there are any squirrels, ‘cos I’ve never seen one, but that could be all the noise we make).  When we’ve all had enough of that, we go home and then we have our breakfast and then a small snooze – only the dogs, not mum and dad!

When we’re refreshed, we then play with mum or dad (my favourite game is tug with them) or with each other, and then we go and hang out and see what they are doing – sometimes outside where we can shout at strangers through the gate (though people don’t like that, I don’t know why though), or sometimes I sit on the footstool in the living room and look out of the window. Then it’s time to play again, and then go for our afternoon walk.  Mum has started running, so sometimes we all go with her, though it can be difficult managing 4 of us at the same time, even though we run off the lead.  I like running lots, and when we all play on the hills that’s my favourite part, though it was hard to start with – they’re not small dips up here!
Dinner is the afternoon is great too – lots of the same food from the morning, and it’s all raw like you used to feed me.  We also have dried fish and chicken feet as treats!  Then it’s time for another game of tug, and then we get entertainment bones while mum cooks.  Bailey always steals mine every time I look away though, so I’m not sure she likes me yet…..  When we watch TV, we get to cuddle on the sofa or on dad’s lap in the chair and it’s sooooooo nice I sometimes trump with pleasure (I’m a bit embarrassed about that).

We all snooze together in the bedroom, though sometimes Bailey sleeps downstairs, but I think it’s cosy and I get to be the first up for a cuddle in the morning. Sometimes, we have to go to granny’s house which is only next door, and she’s lovely too, and gives us treats as well. I wasn’t happy the first few times it happened, and I did howl a little bit to see if mum and dad came back, but Holly told me it was all ok, so I had a snooze until they returned.  Granny says I sound like a seal when I howl, but I’ve stopped now I know mum and dad always come back.

Anyway, I’ve got to go as we’re about to go out with dad, and I want to see if there are any twilight bunnies to chase on Mam Tor.  Mum says we’ll come down in a few months’ time to see you, and I’m looking forward to that lots too.  She also said she’d attach some photos of me, so I hope she does!

Licks and snuffles,


So, as you can see, it’s all going well J Sam’s been a huge hit with everyone he meets and my mum has a huge soft spot for him! He still worries about a few things but we’re working through them, and we’re sure everything will come good in time. We love Sam very very much, and I don’t think any of us can imagine a house or life without him.

See you soon!

Tracy and Mike, Holly, Toby, Bailey and Sam xx

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