Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Update from Sailor

Dear Sarah and Paul,

It seems ages since Sailor won his Best in Show at the 
Corby Carnival!  It was a lovely day and real fun.  
Thank you!  

Sailor’s bark has improved big time and now he sounds 
like a normal dog most of the time.  We spent a week on 
the Broads on a boat which was great fun.  Toby was the 
first dog to fall in. Luckily everyone had life jackets.
Sailor seems to enjoy paddling but doesn’t appear to see 
the point in swimming. He has also realised what food is for.  
He is amazingly sneaky about nicking food and I caught him 
with a single biscuit out of the packet having left the rest 
intact on the table. 

A question about herding and nipping…. 
Sailor sometimes follows Bella around and nips her.  
I think maybe she reminded him of something in his past.  
We have responded by making sure Bella has lots of treats 
for him and is there with him when he eats.  He is much 
happier too when Bella comes out for walks.  His behaviour 
seems to be improving and I wonder what else we can do 
to help him?   His confidence seems to be improving and 
he tears across the fields with Toby and is much braver about 
exploring on his own.  Jemma is well and bimbling around, 
still enjoying walks.  It’s lovely at this time of year to go out 

We have the campervan back!!! 2 years in the garage and 
now finally it has an engine that drives.  I hope we will come 
and see you all in Northamptonshire soon.

I hope you are all well and surrounded by lots of doggy love.


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