Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Update from Suki

Hi Paul and Sarah,    
Hope you and your dogs are all well and you are
managing to rehome plenty of rescued dogs.
Suki is now very well, after her bladder stone operation,
she is now running everywhere including up and down
the stairs and in the woods with her springer and whippet friends.  She has reached her target weight of 19kgs.
She is a really happy slim Suki.  We were hoping to do
some agility with her but our vet has found she has a dislocated rear leg, an old injury she has made a new
socket so suffers nothing, so agility is a no no. 
She loves our family barbeques, everyone loves her pretty face and gentle nature. So thank you again for picking her
for us.                 
Lots of love,
John and Rosemary Nicholls.

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