Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Update from Sally & family

Hi Sarah and Paul,

Just a quick update. Sally is really settling in well. I'm so proud of her, she is so much more relaxed now and loves a good fuss, so much so if you stop she paws you to fuss her again.  She is enjoying lots of walks. We also met my mum and her dog on a walk on Sunday, was intending just to meet Megan and walk on by but they got on really well so we walked together. Yesterday we took Sally to see Megan in my mums Garden. They got on great, Megan is a 5 year old very friendly Border Collie and was a positive influence on Sally as Sally really enjoyed running around with her, even managed to bring us a tennis ball. Sally is relaxing so much more at home and beginning to go outside to go to toilet but still early days. I love the way that we are now getting to see her cheeky mischievous side, can see we may have trouble ahead, lol :).  Honestly I cannot thank you enough for letting us meet Sally and make her part of our family :)   I will keep you updated as she progress's and will put some photos on the Facebook page as we get them.

Thank you again

Gayner, Mark, Amy and Jay xx

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