Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Letter from Pip & family

Hi Sarah and Paul ,
I've emailed u some photos of Lucy and Pip I hope you like them. Have u got any spaces free on the understanding you collie talk in April myself and Alex would love to come?   Thanks to paul for all your advice last week it really is appreciated. We were put to the test this morning when we encountered the same dog but thankfully both of us remain unscathed. I really feel we have turned a little bit of a corner with his sensitivity to noise we can now take him out to play ball and he doesn't bolt if he hear a loud noise if he looks a bit shifty we can get a good emergency down from quite a distance and then we collect him. Pip came along with us to training with Lucy and wAtched this week it has always been an issue because the training ground is on a farm and gas guns nearby spooked him so not took him for a couple of months.  He did so well he joined in the silver class and got a rosette for best in the class. Lucy was not impressed lol. Lucy and pip are getting on well she acts bossy but she is quite fond of him I think. We really can't imagine not having him he has really stolen our hearts.  Pip and Lucy have been up snowdonand scarfel pike in last month or so.  We are off to agility tonight with Lucy it the first week of the season pip is coming to watch and if he likes the look off it will have a go.   Hope to hear from you about the course in April.  I'm quite new to all this emailing lark could u just email me back to let me know u received this I'm still not quite sure I've done it right.


Carol, Alex, Izzy, Lucy and of course Pip Squeak  xx

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